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Hello, y'all!

My name is Avery Grace, and I appreciate us coming into one another's orbits. I never consider such things a coincidence. As you've already surmised, I am a creative writer of many stripes, and this is the result of a lifetime passion honed by effort and self-education/mentorship, and follows a colorful series of careers and life cycles.


I have been an NGO worker in refugee camps. I have been a professional sex worker. I have been and continue to be an educator--beginning with middle school ESL in East Los Angeles, to teaching Traditional Chinese Medicine to masters students. I am integrative and Chinese medicine doctor, and an herbalist. I am a survivor. I am ordained.

Through all this, my passion has and will always be stories. Catharsis. Healing. The Sacred. The depraved. Seeing the deepest, most intimate truths about ourselves and about life.


And then revealing all of it with a ruthless compassion and awe.

Riley- Portrait.jpg

One of the purposes of expression and writing is to show our many faces, to reveal the fullness of our majesty by gutting ourselves, going for the jugular, and speaking that which we fear to give voice.


That which you most fear sharing is what the rest of us most need to hear. So I believe. So I testify.

Some of my work is published. Much of it is not. Some, "not yet," some, "never will be". You will find both here. You will find all of this alongside posts and musings concerning a myriad of topics related to writing, books, Spirit, magic, trauma, recovery, etc, etc, etc.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. I hope to hear from you, and always welcome inquiries, feedback, critique, offerings, and whatever else your lovely, diabolical minds can conjure.

Eagerly and with great fondness,


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