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Rogue Theater Festival

I am excited to announce being included in the dynamic roster as a Playwright in Residence with Rogue Theater Festival! We intend to offer a zoom-recorded reading of my debut play, "Fanna fi Hayati: Love, Sex Work, and the Sacred," and then I get the privilege of participating in two virtual writing workshops with either theatrical and/or TV/film writers, and a Q&A interview article with BroadwayWorld.

Bio forthcoming on the website:

Avery Grace (they/she) is a queer/trans/neurodiverse self-taught poet-playwright currently living on the occupied Lands of the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs, otherwise known as Bend, OR. Their work is featured in: "Non-Binary: an Anthology of Gender and Identity,” and, “All of Me: Stories of Love, Anger, and the Female Body”. Her debut play, "Fanna fi Hayati: Love, Sex Work, and the Sacred," has been published in part in New Orleans's Tilted House Review, and her debut comedy "Cerebrum" is forthcoming in, "Borderless Thalia: A Multilingual Comedic Collection". You can find more of Avery’s writing in their debut book of poetry, “Laid Bare,” and at

When not writing, Avery coparents 3 children with their partner and helps people cultivate their personal pleasure and sexual/sensual authenticity as forms of liberation.


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